Safety Driving Classes

Economy Driving Classes for Commercial Vehicles

This course offers practical techniques and classroom instruction for clients who wish to improve fuel efficiency. Practical techniques are presented for ordinary and high economy driving, and practiced on a 2.7 miles (4.4 km) test circuit. By measuring actual fuel economy, students will master the techniques of economy driving. These techniques have a number of real-world accomplishments and are highly acclaimed by our clients.

Winter road Safety Driving Classes

In cold regions, winter traffic accident numbers tend to increase year by year. In particular, it is said that the transition period between autumn and winter is the most dangerous, with many very serious accidents. These classes impart participants with awareness of winter road conditions, allowing them to preemptively avoid accidents through careful planning. Even during seasons without natural snow, our test courses simulate the slipperiness of icy or snowy winter roads, providing practical experience of winter hazards such as reduced braking effectiveness and slipping.

Vehicle Testing

Durability Testing Consignment Scope

We carry out all manners of vehicle testing required for automobile development, and offer durability and performance testing on a variety of test courses. In addition to overall vehicle evaluation, we also offer individual testing of devices and components.

Trailer Testing

Consigned Trailer Testing

Based on thorough experience and knowledge acquired with general automobile manufacturers, we offer the test items required for trailer quality assurance, and support resolution of technical issues with high-quality output.

  • Actual Vehicle Strength Testing
    1. Rough Road Stress Testing - Step Driving, Belgian Block
    2. Turning Stress Testing - Steady State Circle, Lemniscates
    3. Braking Stress Testing
  • Brake Reliability Testing
    1. Brake Temp. Measurement / Braking Noise Test
    2. Auto-Adjuster Performance Test
    3. Water Fade Recovery Test
    4. Brake Performance Test
  • Vehicle Dynamics Testing
    1. Stability Testing - Steady State Circle, Lemniscate
    2. Truck bed Vibration Testing - Simple Step, Public Roads
  • Regulation Suitability Testing
    1. Brake Test for Regulation Adaptability
    2. ABS Test for Regulation Adaptability
    3. Regulation Test for Maneuverability